About Us

Let’s face it, boat ownership is expensive.

Loan payments, insurance, storage, maintenance and marina fees add up. What’s more, the average boat owner accumulates just 12 hours of run time each season. Think about how often you see your neighbors’ boat resting on its trailer in the driveway each summer. An expensive toy that does not get used enough to justify the money invested into it.

At Freshwater Boat Rentals, we believe the good, hardworking people of Alberta deserve a quality boating experience, whenever and wherever they want it, without the hassles and burdens of boat ownership. We believe everyone should be able to live the lake life and enjoy the beauty of calm water on a hot summer evening and not have to break the bank in the process.

We take pride in being one of Alberta’s only mobile boat rental providers. We make it simple so that you can focus on the things that matter – family, friends and catching fish!

Memories made at the lake are memories cherished forever. Call us today and let us be your trusted source for boating on your next Alberta camping or fishing adventure.